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Narture was founded in June 2020 by artist father and daughter team Robert and Saskia Singer. The project evolved initially from occupying empty town centre spaces and re-purposing them for cultural and creative uses. Nurturing a thriving and successful social enterprise, where 'everyone is an artist' and are encouraged to use their creative energies towards positive change.

Narture’s ultimate goal is to become a truly inclusive creative hive, making participatory cultural activities available to all members of society.
Narture’s award winning Sourdough Bakery and acclaimed Artisan Café, are currently the core income generators of the social enterprise. The bakery specialises in handmade sourdough produce, baked daily; championing sustainable, healthy ingredients and supporting local businesses and was recently awarded Bread Bakery of the Year by Prestige Scotland for the second year running. Our purpose is to bake real bread to earn the dough to support arts projects.

Your Impact Matters: By volunteering with us, you're not just contributing skills; you're part of a movement driving creative regeneration. Some roles may even pave the way to paid employment opportunities.

Narture CIC is currently looking for volunteer gallery attendants to monitor and supervise the gallery or exhibition, ensuring the safety of the artworks and providing assistance or information to visitors.

We are looking for self motivated, organised individuals.

Volunteering as a gallery attendant can offer several perks:

  1. Access to Art: Volunteers often get exclusive access to exhibitions, allowing them to view artwork up close and learn about different artistic styles and techniques.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Volunteering in a gallery setting can provide opportunities to connect with artists, curators, and other professionals in the art world, potentially leading to future collaborations or career opportunities.
  3. Enhanced Knowledge: Gallery Attendants often receive training and information about the artworks on display, deepening their understanding of art history, contemporary art trends, and cultural contexts.
  4. Personal Development: Volunteering as a Gallery Attendant can help develop skills such as communication and customer service which are valuable in various professional and personal contexts.
  5. Contribution to the Community: By volunteering, individuals contribute to the local arts community and help support the cultural enrichment of visitors, fostering a sense of pride and belonging.
  6. Overall, volunteering as a gallery attendant can be a rewarding experience that combines a passion for art with opportunities for personal growth and community involvement.

If you feel the call to contribute your talents to our journey, reach out! Whether you're skilled and ready to share or eager to learn and develop skills for future paid work, Narture welcomes your enthusiasm.

Organisation aims and objectives

Narture CIC is an artist collective baking real bread and food/drinks from scratch to earn the dough to fund arts projects. We aim to use creativity to reanimate the historic quarter of Ayr, driven by experiential retail and cultural tourism. Our core objective is to provide community benefits by developing income sources, primarily through food and drinks and socially engaged arts. Being a community interest company, we value volunteering for the people contributing back to their communities but also through the people who would like to develop their own skills.












Experience required: • Good interpersonal skills • Prior experience of retail/customer service is desirable but not compulsory
Travel details: Central Ayr - close to public transport


Expenses details: To be discussed.
Taster available: Yes