Rabbit Rescue Assistant Manager

  • VO99081
  • Home-based volunteering


We are looking for new volunteers to join us as we expand our Management Team / Committee.

Our 'Assistant Manager' Role is aimed at individuals who have time, passion and dedication to get involved in supporting the running of the charity, but do not wish to take on the responsibility for a specific function/area of our work.

As an Assistant Manager, you will be more generalised and able to step into various areas to offer additional support - wherever the gap is you can step in to assist.

You will pick up leadership responsibilities for individual tasks, and would be expected to be able to take a task and run with it.

Examples of what you would be doing include:

Organising a specific social or fundraising one-off event
Picking up an administrative duty that's required to ensure our legal, charitable or social obligations are met
Providing cover for another manager when they are on a break
Support with shifts at the Hoppy Hub (either regularly or for adhoc cover)
Short-term support for charity areas when workloads require it
It's likely the role will vary, and you will get an opportunity to 'dip your toe' into various aspects of our work.

You will never be forced to do something you are not comfortable with, and as we all work as a team you have a mountain of support around you too.

Whilst you wouldn't have primary responsibility for any specific charity function/area, you would be otherwise an equal within the management team and share responsibility for our decision-making and strategic planning and will be invited to take part in our regular management team meetings (every 2 or 3 months, depending on overall commitments and charity needs).

Organisation aims and objectives

Beloved Rabbits is a registered Scottish Charity devoted to rabbit welfare, providing various services including rescue, rehoming, bonding & care advice. Using Foster Families to care for our rabbits, we also present rabbit welfare demonstrations and classes to schools, and have fundraising and awareness events at many local galas and community events, pet stores and shopping centres.


Minimum age: 18