Rabbit Rescue Fundraising & Community Volunteers

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Beloved Rabbits are entering a new phase of ambitious development, that seeks to improve the charity’s financial strength as we work towards a three-year plan that will culminate in the opening of a new purpose-designed rabbit welfare services centre.

Generating a community around our work helps to highlight our funding challenges while demonstrating the benefit we are bringing to rabbit welfare in Scotland and the support we offer rabbit owners.

Our vision is to develop a growing community of rabbit owners, passionate for our cause of rabbit welfare and determined to support us to achieve continuous improvement for our beloved rabbits.

If this is an area you can get passionate for, you can volunteer to help us deliver fundraising events online and offline, or running community events such as rabbit owner cafes and forums.

Help us build a culture of fundraising, and a community all about rabbits.

Organisation aims and objectives

Beloved Rabbits is a registered Scottish Charity devoted to rabbit welfare, providing various services including rescue, rehoming, bonding & care advice. Using Foster Families to care for our rabbits, we also present rabbit welfare demonstrations and classes to schools, and have fundraising and awareness events at many local galas and community events, pet stores and shopping centres.


Minimum age: 16