Rabbit Rescue Education & Awareness Content Writer

  • VO99075
  • Home-based volunteering


Beloved Rabbits, a compassionate Scottish Rabbit Rescue charity, is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to serve as an Education and Awareness Content Writer Volunteer.

This essential role will contribute to the creation of informative and engaging content to raise awareness, promote responsible rabbit ownership, and support educational initiatives.

Key Responsibilities:

Content Creation:
Develop informative content on rabbit care, behavior, and health from existing internal and 3rd party research resources to be shared through various platforms, including the organization's website, blog, and social media.
Produce compelling and well-researched articles, blog posts, video scripts and educational materials to educate the public on rabbit welfare.
Campaign Support:
Collaborate with our Education and Media & Content teams to develop content for awareness campaigns, fundraising initiatives, and events.
Tailor messaging to align with the organization's goals and values.
Work closely with the education team and other content creators to ensure consistency in messaging and educational content.
Incorporate feedback and revisions to enhance the quality and accuracy of content.
Timely Delivery:
Complete writing tasks within agreed-upon timelines, especially for time-sensitive campaigns and events.
Communicate effectively about project progress and potential challenges.
Research and Stay Informed:
Stay updated on current trends, research, and best practices related to rabbit care and welfare.
Ensure that all educational content reflects the most accurate and up-to-date information.
Skills and Qualifications:

Excellent research and writing skills with a passion for animal welfare.
Strong understanding of rabbit care, behaviour, and health.
Ability to convey complex information in a clear and engaging manner.
Collaborative mindset with excellent communication skills.
Familiarity with SEO principles is a plus.
Self-motivated, organised, and able to work independently.

Contribute to the education and welfare of rescue rabbits by creating informative content.
Showcase and enhance your writing skills in a non-profit setting.
Collaborate with a dedicated and passionate team.
Make a positive impact on the community by raising awareness of responsible rabbit ownership.

Organisation aims and objectives

Beloved Rabbits is a registered Scottish Charity devoted to rabbit welfare, providing various services including rescue, rehoming, bonding & care advice. Using Foster Families to care for our rabbits, we also present rabbit welfare demonstrations and classes to schools, and have fundraising and awareness events at many local galas and community events, pet stores and shopping centres.


Minimum age: 16