Local Human Trafficking Champions

  • VO98473
  • Home-based volunteering


Human trafficking is happening in all 32 local authorities in Scotland, on each of our doorsteps. Hidden and misunderstood, SOHTIS is committed to bringing freedom to victims and survivors of human trafficking across the country. This is an opportunity for you to join us in bringing awareness initiatives to your area. There will be a range of activities which you can choose from including; networking, arts and crafts, promoting or delivering workshops, training and much more.

Organisation aims and objectives

SOHTIS s the leading anti-human trafficking organisation in Scotland. We believe everyone deserves to live in freedom with dignity and respect and we are committed to recovering of victims of human trafficking and the long-term support for survivors.

Frequency and commitment details



Experience required: The Human Trafficking Champion role will be tailored to your specific skill set and interests. There is no specific skills required with the exception of being in agreement with our mission to end human trafficking in Scotland.
Minimum age: 18


Expenses paid: Yes
Training details: Training - introduction to human trafficking in Scotland Specific training for whatever initiatives you choose to work on.