Community Sports Hub Mapping Volunteer

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Purpose: The Community sport hub network aims to develop collaboration between local sports clubs and partners to tackle health and social inequalities through sport. This role will support the development of a broader, deeper understanding of the local communities for the respective community sport hub across Angus, informing and positively contribute to the planning + outcomes that the community sport hub set out to achieve. You will work alongside the CSH coordinator, CSH members and local community stakeholders including ANGUSalive, Active Schools, sports clubs and Third-sector partners where required.

Suggested activities:
• Attend community sport hub meetings in your area
• Development of a community map for the Community Sport Hub
• Sourcing and utilising up to date information around health and social inequalities within the local community
• Complete an audit of sports facilities within the local community
• Integrate the public transport / safe cycling routes for each community into a map
• Present a comprehensive overview of the community map to the community sport hub partners

What will the volunteer gain from this:
What will the volunteer gain from this:
• The opportunity to increase exposure to / build relationships with local employers, organisations and community stakeholders in the sport, leisure and public health sector.
• Improved knowledge and confidence around the wider aspects of working in sport or community development.
• Improved skills and application linked to data-informed approaches in sport, leisure and public health.
• Experience of partnership + networking through meeting attendance, working to deadlines and contributing to projects in a local setting.
• A chance to apply key learnings / Meta skills in the workplace, including feedback and mentoring from a professional ANGUSalive / sportscotland-funded officer.
• Pathway to longer-term volunteering opportunities within the Angus community sport hub network.

Organisation aims and objectives

ANGUSalive is the culture, sport and leisure trust for the county of Angus and has been operating since December 2015. The charity is ambitious and aims to provide the best services for its customers. ANGUSalive offers residents and visitors to Angus a wealth of services which are ‘changing lives by inspiring healthy, active and creative lifestyle choices’ through the use of its sports centres, country parks, theatres and venues, museums, galleries, archives and libraries.


Experience required: • Access to computer/laptop • Strong self-management skills, time management and ability to focus independently or as part of team • Willingness to collaborate and communicate effectively with all stakeholders in the hub network • Passion for being curious and for positively questioning the rationale or “why” behind the approaches a community sport hub or partner may take. • Ability to think critically when using or processing information • Ability to think creatively/show innovation


Support: Named Contact For Volunteer