Could you cook an extra portion of dinner for an older neighbour?

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Meal Makers is a local neighbourhood food-sharing project. We connect people who love cooking and want to be active in their community (Cooks), with older neighbours (Diners) who would appreciate home cooked food delivered every now and then.

We aim to tackle social isolation and the growing problem of malnutrition by helping older adults who no longer find it easy to cook for themselves to enjoy freshly home cooked food. We also aim to strengthen connections within communities and provide a flexible way for people to volunteer their time and skills locally in a way which suits them.

Sign up online to cook and we'll connect you with an older neighbour (Diner) who would really appreciate some home cooked food.

Join Meal Makers today and do something great with an extra plate!

Anyone living in the Stirling council area can sign up to volunteer with Meal Makers.

Organisation aims and objectives

Meal Makers has been brought to Scotland by the award winning charity Food Train and is proudly sponsored by the Scottish Government and the Tank Foundation. It is a free, local neighbourhood food-sharing project that connects volunteers who have a passion for cooking and want to be active in their communities (Cooks), with older neighbours (Diners) who would appreciate a home cooked meal.










How often meals are shared, and when they are shared is left entirely up to the Cook and Diner to decide between themselves. Meals are most commonly shared on a weekly basis, but they can occur fortnightly, monthly or just now and again.


All applicants are subject to a PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) background check.
Experience required: No specific skills are necessary but applicants should enjoy home cooking. Being a ‘people person’ with good communication skills will definitely help as well.
Travel details: You will deliver an extra portion of your own home cooking to a neighbour in your local area. You will choose which ‘Diner’ you would like to cook far and can therefore determine how far you are willing to travel.
Minimum age: 16

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