Volunteer Driver

  • VO61443


Key Responsibilities

 Obtain information from the VSM regarding patient’s name, address and any accompanying passengers including relevant details about the person’s condition or directions.
 Transporting the patient(s) to the required destination at the agreed time.
 Warmly greeting the patient, introducing yourself and any other patients who may be travelling in your car, making them feel welcome and comfortable.
 Before driving off, ensure that the patient is comfortable and secure in the car then proceed to your destination at a speed to give your passenger the maximum comfort and confidence.
 To report any matter of concern to the VSM.
 To maintain confidentiality regarding information relating to patients and staff.


Experience required: Volunteering Policy and Guidelines.  Able to safely transport people with varying degrees of illness and mobility.  Possess a reliable passenger carrying car (with current MOT certificate if required).  Helpful and caring manner with a friendly disposition.  Good conversation skills and ability to know when it is appropriate/not appropriate to talk.  Commitment and flexibility in being available at mutually agreed times.
Minimum age: 17


Expenses paid: Yes

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