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Tree Planting and Woodland Management

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Eadha is a conservation charity based in Renfrewshire. We conserve, research, propagate and plant rare native trees and create new community woodlands. We are involved in planting a range of sites in the West of Scotland with trees and wildflowers grown in our nursery. We are looking for volunteers to help us in our tree planting and managements work.

Organisation aims and objectives

Eadha Enterprises (Eadha) is a social enterprise and environmental charity based in Lochwinnoch, in Renfrewshire. We were established in 2011 through support from Oxfam's UK Innovation Fund. Eadha pronounced “EH-UH” is the old gaelic word for Aspen and we unlock the potential of land and communities through the use of rare native trees, including aspen. Our vision is to see a thriving Scotland with a rich natural environment with degraded lands restored to vibrant native forests providing not only a home to a rich biodiversity but also providing a range of materials and services to local communities, who sustainably and equitably manage these resources for their present and future needs. Our primary activities are concerned with conserving and propagating rare and threatened native trees in our tree nursery, and a network of partner nurseries set up with other 3rd sector organisations. We use these trees to develop innovative woodland projects and can offer a range of services to landowners, school and community groups.










Frequency and commitment details

No minimum commitment


Experience required: We are not looking for and particular skills, just volunteers with an interest in plants and conservation. We would be seeking volunteers with a mature outlook who can be left to work independently. A degree of physical fitness will be required.
Travel details: The locations of sites will vary and volunteers are expected to get there under their own steam. However, it may be possible to coordinate lifts from the nearest station.
Minimum age: 21


Expenses paid: Yes
Training details: Site supervision will be provided although volunteers may be left to work independently for short periods.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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