DofE Moray Expedition Supervisor

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Volunteers help to train and support young people in all aspects of the expedition including camp craft, navigation, team work etc. They assist the young people on their practise expeditions helping them to become self-reliant so they can complete an unnacompanied expedition for their qualifying award. In this role you can be creative, have fun and share your ideas and passion in ways that help the young people of Moray who participate in Duke of Edinburgh's awards.

Organisation aims and objectives

To support young people and adults To help the young people participate in The Duke Of Edinburgh award. DofE Moray offers any young person aged between 14 and 24 years the opportunity to participate in the Duck of Edinburgh award at 1 of 3 levels, Bronze (14+), Silver(15+), Gold(16+).


Adults with sutible outdoor experience and qualification, or willingness to work towards qualifications
Experience required: Outdoor qualifications relevent to the mode of travel, such as summer Mountain leader qualification or walking Group leader qualification, as well as a valid first aid certificate.
Travel details: Expeditions supervisors would be required to travel( travel expenses covered) for meetings and expedition locations.
Minimum age: 21


Expenses details: Travel expences will be paid monthly.
Taster available: Yes
Taster details: Yes, we can organise a expedition taster session for interested volunteers.
Training details: Introduction to The Duke of Edinbrugh's Award ( half-day or full-day certification) as well as other DofE tranningthe volunteer may be interested in ( Expedition supervisors tranning). Volunteer registration and support in their role.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer,
Wheelchair Access/Disabled Access Toilet

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