Act Now 'Share & Shop'.

  • VO83849

  • Driving / Escorting
  • Opportunity start date: 29th July 2020
  • Opportunity end date: 25th January 2021


Act Now is looking for volunteers to 'Share & Shop'!

Share & Shop is looking to build on the brilliant work of so many Mid Argyll residents who collected (and continue to collect) shopping, prescriptions, and other items by car during the Covid 19 crisis.

Volunteers are needed to ensure this hugely important work continues. The benefits to the community are clear. Act Now, however, also wishes to see the continued decrease in car use with one car journey meeting the needs of two, or more, households. This saves money and lowers harmful emissions leading to climate change.

Volunteers could be coordinators, individuals with an understanding of their community who can arrange car journeys that make the most of the trip. Or, volunteers could be using their own car to make that weekly trip to the shops, collecting for neighbours to prevent unnecessary journeys.

No experience is necessary. If you already help, or want to help, you are perfectly placed to make a real difference.











Experience required: No formal qualifications required. It would be beneficial if you are aware of the challenges of living rurally and the difference a car share scheme could make.
Travel details: Working from your community
Minimum age: 18

Last updated 2 months ago

Please note, organisations are currently experiencing a large volume of enquiries from people looking to help out. They may not always be able to meet this demand so please be patient, you may not receive a quick response or be assigned to a role.