Tech Buddy

  • VO83713


An new exciting volunteer role to support unpaid carers in East Dunbartonshire to gain confidence in using smart technologies, computers and other new technologies.

The Switched On project is designed to empower unpaid carers by teaching them how to use new technologies to improve their lives. This is an exciting and fun project that will improve your teaching skills and understanding of technology. Your role is to contact carers remotely, identify and deliver training that the carer needs. This will be conducted over a limited number of sessions.

Organisation aims and objectives

Carers Link is the local organisation dedicated to carers and we provide a range of services for people who live or care within the East Dunbartonshire area. Our Vision: Carers want to see the person they care for have the best possible quality of life. Carers Link wants to see the Carers of East Dunbartonshire also have the best possible quality of life, encompassing help and support for your caring role, and the opportunity to pursue your own needs, interests or work. Carers Link wants to see that the Carers of East Dunbartonshire are both informed and involved and that your experience as a Carer is respected and valued.











Experience required: • Good communicator (electronically and telephone) • Excellent understanding of the English language • Good computer skills (Email, Internet, Skype, Facebook, Online retail etc) • Smartphone / tablet knowledge is desirable (ie iPad, iPhone or Android equivalent) • Friendly manner • Patience • Willingness to learn • Sense of humour!
Travel details: We support carers living in East Dunbartonshire and this would be done from your home remotely.
Minimum age: 16


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: Reimbursed for cost of telephone calls