Volunteer Driver

  • VO83436


We desperately need more volunteer drivers to take patients to their cancer treatment in the North Ayrshire area. We will reimburse travelling expenses for Volunteers.

Our Volunteer Drivers provide transport to and from cancer patient’s homes to hospitals in Glasgow and locally for cancer treatment. The service is especially useful for those who feel unwell after treatment, those living in rural areas, elderly patients and parents taking children f·
· Under 60 years’ oldor treatment. Your help is greatly appreciated in this time of need.

If you think you can help please get in touch

Organisation aims and objectives

The aims of the Group are to relieve the sufferng and distress of cancer sufferers and their families in the North Ayrshire District and its environs by:- a) providing home care, shopping, transport and other services to those in need of support. b) providing counselling services for patients and their families. c) providing any other services compatible with the aims of the Group


Expenses paid: Yes