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About the opportunity
"We would like to develop an app - can you help with your skills? The app is based on our charity ( Fledgling Arts Collective Central ) Facebook community where people leave positive comments on other member’s art /photography / poetry/ film/ music/ creative journals posts - these are spread over 7 Facebook groups.
Each group acts as a place to post for that specific art form as listed previously and then comments are left.

About Fledgling Art Collective Central
We are non-profit-making-volunteer run Arts Collective providing a platform both online and offline for those who struggle with mental health, addiction,gender dysphoria,sexuality,feel like they don't quite 'fit',or feel estranged to this world ,We encourage you to express yourselves through art as catharsis.Combining Art & Catharsis , we believe in being CathARTic.We believe the arts are a great elixir.All those who empathise and feel akin with our beliefs are Welcome also.

What are they looking for?
We would like a user-friendly app to make it easy for our members and volunteers alike to do this using their mobile phone. We want to simplify it so it can be done easily on the go i.e on the bus, train in a waiting room etc.
We want to be as accessible as possible.

Would you be willing to offer your app-creating skills to our charity for free , as a philanthropic endeavour?
It would mean a lot to us and make a huge difference for our members.
We would be willing to leave you a great reference for any time in the future. We can go into more detail on your interest and reply.
We look forward to hearing from you!"

Practical Considerations
Internet, computer

Organisation aims and objectives

We provide an exciting ground-breaking arts collective and we encourage people to express themselves through art. We believe the arts are a great elixir and creativity is our currency. Our ethos is based on 'pay it forward' exchanging the arts for positive and encouraging feedback from our team of art-crazy volunteers and encouraging our members also to create a ripple effect.











Experience required: Internet connection and Facebook account
Minimum age: 18

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