Fledgling Wing Moderators

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About the opportunity
Fledgling Wing Moderators- in addition to giving positive and encouraging feedback n our member's posts ,scan the Fledgling Wings (groups) for spam & inappropriate posts and deal with them accordingly - Thus position is flexible and we invite you to volunteer from a minimum of one day/eve per week, checking the wings for inappropriate or rogue posts that shouldn’t be there & removing them. In short giving feedback but also keeping the Wings tidy.

About Fledgling Art Collective Central
We are non-profit-making-volunteer run Arts Collective providing a platform both online and offline for those who struggle with mental health, addiction,gender dysphoria,sexuality,feel like they don't quite 'fit',or feel estranged to this world ,We encourage you to express yourselves through art as catharsis.Combining Art & Catharsis , we believe in being CathARTic.We believe the arts are a great elixir.All those who empathise and feel akin with our beliefs are Welcome also.

What are they looking for?
Fledgling are a growing global online community where we invite people with mental health struggles to share their creative posts in return for some really great ,considered feedback. We are passionate about the arts and compassionate about mental health struggles.

We invite like-minded people to join our ever-growing family!

Practical Considerations
Internet Connection , Facebook Account

Organisation aims and objectives

We provide an exciting ground-breaking arts collective and we encourage people to express themselves through art. We believe the arts are a great elixir and creativity is our currency. Our ethos is based on 'pay it forward' exchanging the arts for positive and encouraging feedback from our team of art-crazy volunteers and encouraging our members also to create a ripple effect.











Experience required: Minium age 18 Internet connection needed
Minimum age: 18

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