Short Term Volunteering Abroad

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We provide short term volunteering opportunities abroad for people who have experienced being socially or economically disadvantaged in Scotland, to travel overseas to in 2020. Enabling volunteers to become involved in a supported group of people, varying in size from 8 to 15 people and travelling from Scotland to a different country. Whilst abroad volunteers are supported to assist in various opportunities from renovation and construction work, children's camps, camps for kids and adults with disabilities or working with animals and environmental work. The majority of the costs to take part are covered by our funders, however volunteers are expected to do some fundraising towards the trip. As well as full pre departure training, volunteers may also receive 3 months support upon returning to Scotland to ensure they can harness their new found learning into either further training, employment or volunteering opportunities in Scotland.

As well as short-term volunteer opportunities we have places available for mentors. Mentors provide support and assistance to volunteers while they take on the challenge of volunteering abroad as well as additional support for 3 months upon return to Scotland enabling volunteers to best utilise the experience gained. Mentor costs are covered although there is some expectation of securing some matched funding. There is an option for those who perhaps did not feel that they had the skills or experience to become mentors to join the team as aa trainee mentor.

This year we have opened non-funded places to volunteers who do not meet the funding requirements. This will enable volunteers who do not meet the funding criteria to take part in a trip to Belarus by funding their place. The changes regarding non-funded places have been in response to a number of enquiries and subsequent discussions with individuals and referring agencies that like STAND International wish to ensure that access to the opportunity to assist others in the wider global village is open to any person who wishes to take part.

We have 6 trips planned for 2020, 2 trips to Belarus and 4 to Romania. The age range of volunteers for Belarus is from 16 - 28 years and Romania is from 16 - 65 years old allowing for a greater number of people to participate.

ROMANIA trips - March, May, August and October 2020

BELARUS trips - July and September 2020

Organisation aims and objectives

Mission: Dedicated to working with marginalised groups and individuals in disadvantaged communities in Scotland. Focus: Working with individuals and groups we identify how they can harness their talents, experience of exclusion and their genuine compassion to assist others in either their local community or the wider global community. Partnership: Over the years we have also developed a number of partnerships with organisations in a variety of European countries including the UK who are keen to address the many layers of discrimination and exploitation whether in relation to age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or social stigma.


Experience required: None for volunteers. Mentors must have experience of working with vulnerable people or social care qualifiaction.
Travel details: Scotland, Belarus and Romania
Minimum age: 17


Expenses paid: Yes
Taster available: Yes
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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