Family Friend

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If you have a heart for getting alongside families who are struggling within your community, then becoming a family friend with Safe Families may be just the opportunity you have been looking for.
Being a family friend with Safe Families is a brilliant way to get to know families in your community who need a bit of extra support and encouragement. Safe Families works across all of Midlothian, is a UK wide Christian charity and seeks to provide early intervention to the lives of struggling families in order to reduce any statutory service input. We provide full training and support for all of our volunteers and give them the chance to get alongside local people, helping them to strengthen their family life by befriending them, supporting them to be less isolated and to perhaps help them through a time of crisis. Volunteering opportunities can be flexible around the needs of the family and the volunteer so that they suit both parties. Being a family friend involves spending time with a child and/or a parent on a regular basis, having fun and giving support.

Organisation aims and objectives

Safe Families provides early intervention care for families who are facing a crisis or struggling in some way, helping them to get back on their feet. Safe Families works to avert escalation of need by offering individually tailored support, including overnight hosting of children where required. The Safe Families model offers families in crisis approved and trained volunteers to support them: each offer is unique and dependant on the needs of the family. Volunteers might befriend children and/or parents, can host children during the day and/or night and can provide practical resources where required. Volunteers are supported at all times by the Safe Families team based in Edinburgh.










2 hours a fortnight

Frequency and commitment details

2 hours a fortnight


Experience required: Volunteers need to have a heart for those who are struggling, the time to fully engage with families and an empathetic approach to others. Previous experience of connecting with children through other work or voluntary experience is desirable.
Travel details: Volunteers can travel by car or public transport to their assignments
Minimum age: 18