Fundraising Officer Volunteer - East Renfrewshire

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  • Home-based volunteering


The charity has around 100 branches, all run by volunteers, who provide local support to people affected by autism. Every branch is different and so are the activities they provide – they may run parent support groups, adult social groups, children’s activities, conferences or focus on providing information or campaigning. However, no matter how big or small, all branches are hugely valued by the people in their local area.

The Fundraising officer role is important to the running of the branch as they help organise fundraising events for the branch. Without these roles, we would not have as many branches as we do.
• Putting collection tins in local shops or community areas.
• Holding a ‘tin shake’ in a local town – this is where Branch members stand outside shops with collection tins and get donations
• Holding a sponsored event such as a swim or walk. People will sponsor Branch Members' money to complete certain tasks.
• Holding an event for local people to attend – quiz night, auction, raffle, talk, coffee and cake morning – people will give donations when they come.
• Having a section on the Branch website that people can click on if they want to give money.
• Talking to committee members about different ways to fundraise and deciding what to do as a Branch.
• Talking to NAS Regional Fundraising Team and ensuring the Branch complies with the NAS rules on fundraising.
• Talking to committee members about different ways to fundraise and deciding what to do as a Branch.
• Publicising events, distributing information or fundraising forms, Support people who are fundraising on behalf of the branch
• Working with the Treasurer to ensure that the money is collected safely and banked accurately

Improve support to families affected by autism in your local area
Access free training and learn new skills
Meet new people

We seek applications from anyone interested in the role, but particularly welcome applications from those on the autism spectrum.
You will be asked to attend some branch meetings and also have knowledge of the local area so we ask that you live locally to be able to do this role
If you have any questions about this role or the application process please contact

Organisation aims and objectives

The National Autistic Society exists to champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and to ensure that they and their families receive quality services appropriate to their needs.










Frequency and commitment details

• Flexibility on days and the amount of time committed to the role. The majority of branch officers give around 4 hours a week but it depends how active the branch is. Home based (plus travel to branch activities)


Experience required: • Confident in working with and communicating with other committee members, and individuals and organisations outside of the branch. This communication will need to be face to face, by telephone and/or email. • Confident and comfortable speaking publicly • Able to explain ideas work together • Able to motivate people and help people • Able to tackle difficult issues and problems and situations and involve other people where necessary
Minimum age: 18


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: Expenses covered for attendance at any event organised by the branch support team.
Training details: Branch officer and committee members to support the Fundraising officer where needed. Designated NAS Branch Support Officer to answer any queries and support you with the day to day running of the branch. Written guidance on a range of branch activities Various training courses relevant to running a branch Insurance cover for all branch activities

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