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Scotland’s Garden Scheme (SGS) raises money for charity by encouraging, promoting and supporting private garden owners across Scotland to open their gardens to the general public. Funds are raised through these garden openings by charging an entry fee and by offering refreshments and plants for sale. We aim to make the whole experience inspiring, rewarding and enjoyable for all involved. SGS has divided Scotland into 23 districts, each with their own team of volunteers, led by a District Organiser (DO). The Area Organiser works closely with the District Organiser and:
• Liaises with Garden Openers to see that a good relationship is developed
• Sources new gardens to open
• Makes sure that Garden Openers have adequate support on the day of their opening, including help with teas, car parking, taking money, etc.
• Provision of road signage and other signage and promotional materials for the day to Garden Openers
• Ensures that there is a good SGS presence at garden openings
• Thanks Garden Openers after their opening

Organisation aims and objectives

Scotland's Gardens raises money for charity by encouraging, promoting and supporting garden owners to open their gardens to the public; raising money for a charity of their choice through admissions, plant sales and refreshments.










The time required to effectively carry out this role is dependent on the size of your area and the number of gardens that you have in it. Spring and Summer are our busy periods.

Frequency and commitment details

This role is at its busiest during the spring and summer months.


We have a minimum age of 18
Experience required: • A love of gardens and gardening, with some knowledge of horticulture • Networking and engaging with people • The ability to work in a team • Communication skills • Organisational skills • Understanding of GDPR, but we will provide basic training • Patience, a sense of humour and enthusiasm!
Travel details: Travel in Renfrewshire, so your own transport would be an advantage.
Minimum age: 18


Expenses details: We are not normally able to pay travel expenses, except for training and national events.
Training details: Induction training is provided at both District and National level The District Organiser will be your main source of support; but the Volunteer Manager at Head Office is also available to support you in your role. Written guidance and useful templates are available on our website and in our database Closed national Facebook group for District Volunteers
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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