Cinema Volunteer

  • VO78647


We are currently looking for Volunteers to help our at the Kirky Picture Palace based mainly
in the Kirkintilloch Town Hall, we also rent out our services to local schools in East
Dunbartonshire and require volunteers to help lifting and moving the cinema equipment in
and out of venues as well as set up and take down.
Your Role:
● Arrive an hour before showing starts (unless otherwise stated) to help set up the
screen and projection/sound equipment. Training will be provided on site.
● Helping to load/unload equipment for school showings, the equipment is quite heavy.
● Ensure that all audience members entering the cinema have a valid ticket and meet
the appropriate age requirements for that screening unless instructed otherwise by
the Co-ordinator.
● Be present in the auditorium for the entire duration of all film screenings.
● Ensure that audience members behave in a responsible manner and do not disturb
other cinemagoers. Any persistent misbehaviour or dangerous/unlawful activity, any
incidents of actual assault, any incidents involving smoke/fire, any incidents of
mechanical or structural failure must be reported to the co-ordinator immediately and
may result in the removal of the audience member.
● Ensure that all e-cigarettes are extinguished prior to entry.
● Ensure that alcoholic beverages are not consumed in the hall.
● Sit in an area close to the main entry/exit to assist patrons with the door and to
ensure its closure after opening.
● Remain in the auditorium until all patrons have left at the end of the screening.
● Clean /brush hall after each screening.
● Help take down equipment and tidy away at end of all showings











Experience required: Highly motivated, enthusiastic about film and Kirkintilloch, friendly, approachable, no cinema experience required
Travel details: Kirkintilloch Town Hall & various schools in kirkintilloch and Lenzie
Minimum age: 18


Expenses details: No travel expenses
Training details: Training provided at the event, ticket check/door monitoring, general house keeping and snack sales. covid prevention training provided. support available from Co-Ordinator and cinema team during event. Food provided during shift. Shifts are split into two for main screenings and one shift for smaller screenings in Town Hall
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer,
Wheelchair Access/Disabled Access Toilet