Co-ordinator/ Horticulturist

  • VO79030


To coordinate the work of approx 80 individuals we have on our database. Signing-up new volunteers, arranging drop-in sessions. Arranging events and workshops. Administrating volunteers. Health & Safety. Considerable knowledge of planting, plant-lore, growing, harvesting.

Organisation aims and objectives

The Lions Gate is a permaculture project that aims to improve the health and well-being of people and planet. We are developing two urban garden spaces at Edinburgh Napier University – one is a rooftop kitchen allotment where we intend to develop a circular food economy, the other is a garden space for staff, students and volunteers to work and unwind closer to nature. The Lions Gate aims to effect real change within the university, the local community and at a policy level with regards living and working more ecologically and in tune with nature’s seasons. We are also looking at ways that digital technology can assist in helping with this. We also hope to develop a ‘living sustainability’ module within the university that can be accessed by all. Key to success of the project is to provide healthy, inspiring spaces and opportunities for students, staff and the local community to realise their strengths, work collaboratively with others and co-develop solutions to the ecological concerns of the present. The project provides opportunities to; garden, plant food forests, sensory, herb gardens and fruit tree guilds, build structures such as ponds, staging, raised beds, seating and tables, bee hotels etc, administrate work, develop digital interactions, get dirty, have fun and meet like-minded people – all contributing to improvements in health for people and the planet.










15 hours


Experience required: Ideally the candidate will have completed a permaculture design course. Passionate about the environment. Easy-going and hardworking. Approx 21 hours per week.Considerable experience of coordinating volunteers Excellent plant / gardening knowledge Excellent organisational / writing skills
Travel details: Edinburgh Napier University Merchiston Campus. Main buses to location: 11, 16, 16, 26, 36 and 45 buses.
Minimum age: 30


Expenses details: No expenses
Training details: We have a volunteer policy with all the associated paperwork that needs to be completed.