Children's Befriender - Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline

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What will I be doing?

Aberlour Sycamore Services offer a safe and loving place to live for children who have experienced abuse or trauma. As a volunteer Befriender, you can play an active role in supporting a child emotionally, socially and helping them to enjoy a range of opportunities and activities. Volunteer Befrienders spend regular 1:1 time with a child to build up a trusting relationship, to develop interests and hobbies, and to be a consistent figure in a child’s life to support them through life transitions.

The impact you can make

Children living in our Sycamore Residential Services can benefit hugely from having a Befriender. Spending time on a 1:1 basis allows children to develop their communication skills and build their confidence and self-esteem through sharing in a fun activity.

The benefits to you

By volunteering as a Befriender in our Sycamore Residential Services, you can gain valuable experience of working with children and young people and developing an awareness of the issues affecting them. Volunteers can gain a sense of satisfaction knowing they are helping others to develop new skills and achieve their potential, while developing their own confidence and having fun. Volunteers are valued members of Sycamore Residential teams.

Volunteer Befrienders typically spent time with a child once a month, during evenings and weekends.

Organisation aims and objectives

Aberlour is the largest, solely Scottish, children’s charity and we provide help to over 6000 of Scotland’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families each year. Our aim is to help those children most in need, working with as many children and families as our resources allow in the areas of: • Children and families affected by disability • Children and families affected by drugs and alcohol • Young People at Risk • Parent and Child Development Our mission is to improve the lives of Scotland's children and young people. The Trust shall have the following Charitable Purposes (the Charitable Purposes): (a) to provide, maintain and promote care, accommodation, support, training and/or services for: (i) children and young persons who are in need of care, protection, assistance and/ or training; (ii) in exceptional circumstances, those who were previously children or young persons assisted by the Trust who remain vulnerable and/or disadvantaged and therefore remain in need of care, protection, assistance and/ or training; and (iii) vulnerable and/or disadvantaged adults whose assistance by the Trust will provide care, protection and/or assistance to children and young persons; and (b) to provide, maintain and promote education, training, consultancy, research and information: (i) for the beneficiaries listed in (a), as may be required to meet their specific educational and physical needs; (ii) for current and prospective individuals and agencies involved, whether through the Trust or otherwise, with issues relating principally to the types of beneficiaries listed in (a); and (iii) for members of the public generally and decision-makers about the activities of the Trust and issues arising therefrom.










Frequency and commitment details

Befrienders will typically spend a few hours once a month with the Befriendee. A minimum commitment of 12 months is required for this role.


This opportunity is subject to the completion of satisfactory references and successful registration on the PVG Scheme.
Experience required: Volunteers can bring a range of skills and experience including a passion and enthusiasm for engaging children in activities and supporting them to have new experiences. Volunteers should have a knowledge of the issues affecting children and young people, great communication and listening skills. Volunteers should have a genuine interest in the wellbeing of children and young people.
Minimum age: 16


Expenses paid: Yes

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Please note, organisations are currently experiencing a large volume of enquiries from people looking to help out. They may not always be able to meet this demand so please be patient, you may not receive a quick response or be assigned to a role.