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Officers at Dundee City Council’s Trading Standards need the help of carefully selected 18-22 year old volunteers to purchase tobacco or nicotine vapour products from a variety of retail premises in Dundee.

The operation will take part over the course of a day where they will enter retail premises and attempt to purchase a tobacco or vaping product.

The aim of the project is to identify traders who are selling tobacco or vapour products without implementing a ‘Challenge 25’ policy. This will help Trading Standards to then take action to prevent crime and protect the health and wellbeing of young people.

Organisation aims and objectives

The aim of the Trading Standards service is to ensure a fair and safe trading environment within Dundee and to protect the interests of local consumers and businesses. Trading Standards is responsible for enforcing a wide range of legislation.










An operation will take place over one day. 10:30-17:00 approx. If volunteer is willing and still meets the age requirement, they can participate in the subsequent test purchasing operation.


Age restrictions apply as the individual must be the legal age and over to purchase tobacco or Nicotine Vapour Products but not look over 25.
Experience required: Interest in law or law enforcement. Interest in health and wellbeing. No experience required. No particular skills are required.
Travel details: The operation will take place within the Dundee area. The individual will be collected and dropped off at a point of their choosing.
Minimum age: 18
Maximum age: 22


Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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