Mealtime Volunteers

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NHS Borders are looking for volunteers to assist members of staff during mealtimes in the acute hospital wards. Volunteers will never be expected to feed patients or provide personal care to patients. The volunteering hours for this role would be from 11.30am - 1.30pm / 16.30pm-18.00pm.

Main duties:

Prepare area for meals, wiping down of tables & removing clutter, either at patient’s bed or communal table if preferred as discussed with trained staff;
Encourage patients to wash their hands / offering hand wipes to patients (advised by Nurse in Charge);
Make sure there are appropriate cutlery and cups given to patients for eating;
Assist members of staff in serving of meals (ensuring they put on a blue apron which is on the top of the food trolley);
Assist members of staff ensuring patients have a fresh drink available;
Assist members of staff to support the completion of menu cards being aware of any dietary needs as discussed with the staff;
Assist in opening condiments, containers, sandwich wrappers;
If any patient is struggling with meal inform member of staff;
Assist member of staff with collection of meal trays when finished and cleaning of area;
Seek alternative meal choice if required (advised by Nurse in Charge);
Socialising with patients and encourage them to talk about food. Note likes and dislikes;
Complete bedside food charts only;
Inform Registered Nurse how much fluid the patient has consumed.










The volunteering hours for this role would be from 11.30am - 1.30pm / 16.30pm-18.00pm.


Experience required: Be interested, patient, caring and sensitive to others needs. Good communication and listening skills. Be able to work as part ofa team Be able to maintain confidentiality . A genuine interest in working with people who may have periods of confusion or have other disabilities. A mature and positive outlook.
Travel details: This volunteering role will take place at Borders General Hospital, Melrose.
Minimum age: 16


Expenses details: Travel expenses provided.
Training details: Core Mandatory Volunteer Training Day. Understanding Dementia. Food Safety. MUST Training. Allergen Awareness elearning module.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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