70/30 Ambassadors

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The 70/30 Campaign is aiming to reduce child abuse and neglect by 70% by 2030. As a 70/30 Ambassador you will be empowering your local community to protect our children by spreading awareness and gaining support to prevent child abuse and neglect from happening in the first place. You will gain new skills, and be part of a large network of volunteers and professionals, while making a real difference in your local community and across the UK.

The role is very flexible and depends on your skills and on the needs in your local area, but you can take part in a range of activities, such as: spreading awareness with people you know and on social media; fundraising; organising events; engaging with MPs, MSPs, AMs and councillors; engaging with local press; expanding your local 70/30 group.

Ambassadors will take part in a training session with a member of the team and are invited to join the bi-monthly national conference call with other ambassadors across the country. Ambassadors usually give 2 or more hours of their time a week, but get in touch if you are interested and don't have much time available as there is always some way you can help!

Please visit our website and complete the form to become an ambassador today at www.wavetrust.org/7030 or contact Alex Williamson at email: awilliamson@wavetrust.org.

Organisation aims and objectives

We are a network dedicated to bringing about a 70% reduction in child abuse and neglect by the year 2030 – we are the 70/30 Campaign. 70/30 is not just another campaign - it is part of a highly-developed, long-term, ground-breaking action plan to stop child abuse and neglect from ever beginning. We call this Primary Prevention. The 70/30 Campaign was created by the WAVE Trust charity.

Frequency and commitment details

Flexible times available to suit volunteers. All help is greatly appreciated.


Experience required: Other than passion for the cause, each Ambassador will bring their own skills and experience to the role. The role is extremely flexible and all necessary training and support is provided.
Travel details: Volunteer opportunities available across Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.
Minimum age: 18


Training details: Good support is provided to all volunteers. There is an initial training session with a member of the team either in person or over a conference call. Ambassadors are then invited to take part in the bi-monthly national calls, and can ask for any support needed.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer,
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