Path Warden

  • VO71633


Assist with the monitoring of an agreed section of path or route within the Estate once every quarter
Report back to UOG using the issued monitoring forms

Organisation aims and objectives

UOG the Galson Estate Trust, the group entrusted with the managment of the 56,000 acre community owned estate in the North West of the Isle of Lewis. The Galson area’s way of life is about the intricate interaction between a crofting lifestyle, a panoramic landscape and a diverse natural environment. The area boasts fantastic coastal scenery and white sands; large Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas; a variety of flora and fauna including golden eagles, fulmars and gannets; excellent sea and fresh water fishing; and, most importantly, a kindly, ‘down-to-earth’ community that works together to bring about a better future for themselves and future generations. The Galson area maintains strong links with the international Gaelic community and is at the forefront of progressing Gaelic culture and arts.


Minimum age: 16

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