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Across Scotland Project Scotland supports young people to reach their potential through tailored support, mentoring and the opportunity to experience the benefits of a volunteering themselves as well as the support of a volunteer mentors.

This is a national programme which we continue to offer in the Dundee area.

As a guide - 6-month commitment – 1 hour weekly although this will be flexible and may fluctuate to meet mentor and mentee availability, this meeting would ideally be face to face however given the COVID situation many matches are virtual using email/telephone/video chat/WhatsApp

In the role you may be assisting a young person to identify personal goals and aims and support them to work towards these in a planned and thought through way. e.g., building self-esteem, feeling more confident in social situations, expressing themselves effectively, recognising personal strengths.

In other matches you might be working on softer outcomes helping them to develop life skills, routine, planning for the day, managing their time effectively and in many cases just checking in to make sure all is well, and they are doing all right.

Organisation aims and objectives

Project Scotland helps young people between 16 and 30 to achieve their goals via volunteering for a 3rd sector organisation. Project Scotland also works with partners across Scotland on different projects and initiatives, supporting and empowering people to get on in life.


Experience required: You will be self-motivated, reliable, and organised, flexible, patient, and resolute, emphatic, and understanding of the challenges a young person might face. Have a positive attitude and a supportive and encouraging approach that can help young people recognise and reach their potential. Can provide constructive helpful feedback and the ability to relate to young people, build rapport and trust. Have active listening skills, the ability to inspire, empower and motivate.
Travel details: Dundee, the exact location where you meet will vary depending on where you agree with your mentee. It just needs to be somewhere public that works for both of you.
Minimum age: 18


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: The mentor/mentee sessions can take place in a variety of ways, (see above) if they are face to face meetings in the local community, we reimburse travel expenses that are reasonable and claimed through our volunteer expenses claim process which is shared as part of induction and training which all volunteer mentors attend. In line with HRMC guidance, we reimburse 45p per mile and bus and train travel provided tickets are provided as proof of purchase.
Taster available: Yes
Taster details: We meet with all of our mentors for a chat to tell them a bit more about mentoring and ProjectScotland after this potential mentors can have a think and decide if the opportunity is right for them.
Training details: We provide Mentoring training -- a Get Ready to Mentor workshop, and Safeguarding and Child Protection. Support from a single point of contact as well as the whole Mentor Team. Regular informal and formal support as required. Regular communication and resource sharing. When COVID allows regular volunteer social activities.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer