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Dog Foster Carer
The Freedom Project is a free fostering service for dogs belonging to people fleeing from domestic abuse. Families fleeing domestic abuse are usually unable to take their pets with them into a refuge so in many cases they are reluctant to leave their home until they know there is somewhere safe for their pets. Dogs Trust, alongside other pets fostering services in the UK, offers a solution.

We always need volunteers living in the Central Belt of Scotland to become foster carers and we think there are many fantastic benefits to being part of the Freedom Project:
-The enjoyment of caring for a dog without the lifetime commitment
-You will be helping a family and their dog to escape from an abusive home
-Walking a dog is a fantastic way to exercise and keep fit and healthy
-Dogs are a great talking point and a way to get out and meet new people
-You’ll receive ongoing advice and support from our friendly Freedom Project staff
-Dogs Trust covers all food, expenses and veterinary bills

Without the help and support of our dedicated volunteer foster carers, we wouldn't be able to run the Freedom Project.

If you are interested in applying to become a foster carer for the Freedom Project, please complete our online enquiry form and we will send you an application form and information pack so you can find more about what it means to be a volunteer foster carer. We may also give you a call to chat about the project and whether the opportunity is right for you.
It usually takes up to 3 weeks to become a registered volunteer.



You will need to have some recent experience of caring for a dog in your own home and be aware of the responsibilities involved in looking after a dog. This might be your own dog or you may have experience of looking after a friend or family member’s dog w
Experience required: You must be aged 18+ to apply for this opportunity. Can I foster if I have young children? We aren’t able to place foster dogs with families who have young children. If your children are 10 years or older we may be able to place a dog with you but only if the dog is used to living with children of the same age. If you have children, it may take us longer to match a suitable foster dog to you. Can I foster if I work or volunteer? If you work from home or work
Minimum age: 18

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