Active Travel Network Board Member

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  • Board/trustee role


Forth Environment Link and Sustrans are calling for anyone with an interest in promoting active travel in communities across Scotland to form the organising committee of a new Active Travel Network for Scotland. This is an opportunity to help shape the network as it develops, supporting community action to change how we travel, address health and social inequalities and combat climate change through changing transport behaviours.

This role will entail:
Helping to shape the constitution and legal framework for the Active Travel Network
Taking over management and maintenance of a new website, including member discussion spaces. ( the site is currently under development)
Administering the network
Liaising with Forth Environment Link to deliver member webinars throughout 2023-24
Making decisions on how the network develops in future, with input from members. This could mean, just running the website, or could include things like applying for funding for ongoing/additional member events and other activities such as cross organisational site visits or other activities members express interest in.

Board members also have a responsibility to:
Act in the best interest of the organisation and it's members
Manage any finances responsibly
Develop vision, strategies and planning,
Establishing any necessary policies and procedures
Managing Risks
Establishing systems for monitoring and reporting.
More information on what is involved in becoming a board member can be found on the SCVO website here:

The next Active Travel Network meeting of existing members is due to take place online on the 6th July 2pm-4pm. This will include a section on the development of the network as an independent organisation. If you are not a current member, and would like to join the network and/or attend the meeting to find out more about this opportunity, please contact us to be added to the invite list.

Forth Environment Link and Sustrans have been building an active travel* network over the last few years. This originally began as an active travel hubs network. It provided a way for community active travel hubs to share information and learning. Since then the network has grown to include people working and volunteering in communities, student unions and higher education institutions, local authorities and community health services. We are now in a position where neither Sustrans nor Forth Environment Link has capacity to provide the services network members are asking for, and so have decided to open this out to members to take forward as an independent organisation.

*Active Travel is a term used to describe travelling by human powered means, such as walking, wheeling or cycling with or without mobility aids such as wheelchairs. This generally includes power chairs and things like scooters and skateboards, as well as people walking with buggies or prams.

Organisation aims and objectives

Vision: The Active Travel Network is the go-to space for community groups and organisations looking for advice and guidance on Active Travel engagement and activities in Scotland. Mission: The network’s mission is to connect individuals, groups and organisations to share knowledge, experience and resources, creating peer-to-peer support, new partnerships and opportunities across Scotland. The network will: • Actively provide support, advice and guidance for existing and prospective members • Offer online and in-person space to enable members to share knowledge and best practice NOTE: These may change if the new committee feels they do not reflect the way forward for the network.










Frequency and commitment details

This will depend on the committee members. Most committees meet at least quarterly, and some meet much more frequently. Other tasks such as website administration will require a greater time commitment from the members who take this on.


Experience required: An interest in promoting active travel to communities across Scotland. As we are looking to form a new committee there are a variety of skills that will be required. We would be especially interested in having one or two people who have experience of being on voluntary boards or committees, but this is not required.
Minimum age: 16


Training details: While we will not be offering formal training, this can be gained from various sources including SCVO and Volunteer Scotland. Sustrans hope to provide support during the transition period throughout July, and Forth Environment Link have funding to continue to deliver quarterly members webinars throughout 2023-24.