Community Engagement Facilitator (Angus)

  • VO97230


Being a Community Facilitator is all about delivering a variety of lifesaving first aid skills in community engagement workshops and projects, within local communities, and primary and secondary schools. A lot of these projects involve talking about and demonstrating the basics of first aid to community groups that can include children, young people, and vulnerable adults.

An example of events you could be delivering a first aid talk and demo to, are primary and secondary schools, small university groups, local community groups, charities, summer fairs, shopping centres. Some of the skills you could be teaching include how to provide CPR and apply a defib, different bandages and how to use them, and basic information on various health conditions. Not only that but all the training needed, is provided by us at no cost to you!

A fantastic opportunity to help. All volunteers make a real difference and are greatly appreciated.

Organisation aims and objectives

St Andrew’s First Aid provide a range of first aid training and services.

Frequency and commitment details

Flexible times available. All help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated.


Travel details: Events will happen within Angus. Travel costs will be reimbursed. Depending on the event, and the number of volunteers and licences, you may be able to take the St Andrew's First Aid van out to the events.
Minimum age: 16


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: There is an online form the volunteer can fill in. Expenses will be paid into the volunteers bank account.
Training details: Relevant training and excellent support is provided to all volunteers. Includes Standard Event First Aid Certificate, Moving and Handling Principles, Introduction to Child Protection, Community Facilitation Module. More information on this and how to attain this training can be provided by contacting us.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer,
Wheelchair Access/Disabled Access Toilet