Volunteer Pilots

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We now have a permanent base for the Tri-shaws in Bo'ness!
The Bo’ness chapter of Cycling without Age Scotland are recruiting volunteer pilots to take the elderly and disabled for trips along the foreshore and around Bo’ness. You will get full training, and will require PVG disclosure.

If you are interested in helping your community, please get in touch!

More information can be found on our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/CWAFalkirk

A Volunteer Trishaw Pilot is the cyclist who is
responsible for all aspects of preparing for and
conducting a ride, post-ride duties (e.g. required
records) and promoting awareness of,
encouraging support for and maintaining the
reputation of Cycling Without Age Scotland. The
decision as to whether a Co-Pilot is required on
the ride should be based on the route

The Pilot must complete the 5-stage training as
detailed in the Trishaw and Pilot Handbook, which
may be amended/updated from time to time and

  1. Getting to know the Trishaw
  2. The Passenger’s Experience
  3. Trial Runs
  4. First Rides
  5. Conducting route and risk assessments
    followed by a final assessment

Organisation aims and objectives

Cycling Without Age is a movement started in 2012 in Denmark by Ole Kassow and Dorthe Pederson. Ole wanted to help the elderly get back onto their bicycles, but he had to find a solution to their limited mobility. The answer was a trishaw. He started offering free rides to the local nursing home residents … and the rest is history! Cycling Without Age Scotland now generates “miles of smiles” in every part of Scotland and its reach and impact are growing every day. It enriches and enhances lives, unlocks doors, enables older people to once again be an active part of their communities, once again to “feel the wind in their hair”, to rekindle old friendships and to make new ones and to rejoice in heart-warming stories. This is unparalleled access, which we also provide to disabled people.











Experience required: A Volunteer Trishaw Pilot must: • Be aged 16 or over; • Be responsible, patient and empathetic; • Operate to the level trained and to high standards and be a good time-keeper; • Be reliable, enthusiastic and a team player; • Be able to listen, communicate and relate to all people with whom s/he interacts, especially passengers in all categories; • Be committed to the progress of the Chapter and to CWAS
Travel details: Across Forth Valley
Minimum age: 16