Drop in Centre Volunteers

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The Drop in Centre is held every Wednesday in Loans Village Hall between 13:30 and 16:15 and it urgently needs two new volunteers so that it can keep running. One volunteer is stepping down now and the other at the end of the year due to failing health.

This would involve buying cakes and milk, keeping the receipts, collecting money and serving tea to some of the more elderly members of our Community. For some of the locals who come along, it’s the only day of the week that they get out.

If you’re interested in helping out then feel free to drop-in yourself when one of the sessions are running so you can see first hand what it’s all about.

Organisation aims and objectives

Our Village, Our Community Our Community may be small but it has a long and proud history. Look around and you’ll see lots of reminders of the past. Loans has a close relationship with Troon and Dundonald, but still holds on to a distinct identity. With no school or church, the Village Hall is the heart of our community and there’s something going on there most days.