Volunteer Tea Party Driver

  • VO96486


Our tea party drivers are a vital part of the Re-engage team.

Tea parties provide a lifeline of friendship for our older people and the regular, warm, friendly chats and companionship provide a vital link with the outside world from which they have become isolated. Drivers take older people to the parties and stay with them to enjoy the get-together. Over time, drivers and older guests get to know each other well and together you will spend many hours full of fun, laughter and stories.

As a tea party driver, you liaise with your group co-ordinator and take older guests to and from the tea parties each month. Staying at the tea party is part of your role, so it’s much more than being a driver.

You will need to have a full, clean, driving license, and either a DBS (in England and Wales) or PVG (in Scotland). You will also need to check that you are covered by your regular motor insurance policy to do this role.

Tasks include:

  • Driving one to two older guests using your own car to a tea party venue and returning them home again after the event
  • Staying at the tea party to help with conversation and serve refreshments
  • Liaising with the group co-ordinator to confirm which older guests you will pick up
  • Informing the group co-ordinator of any safeguarding concerns or issues you might have
  • Following all guidance in your driver training modules to ensure that the tea parties are enjoyable, appropriate, and in line with our charitable aims
  • Completing a driver declaration before your first tea party and on an annual basis. The declaration is to confirm you will adhere to Re-engage's policies and procedures and that you have completed the relevant training provided for your role

This is a flexible, voluntary role that can easily be fitted in around your own lifestyle and availability. As a tea party driver, you will be responsible for picking up one or two older guests from their homes usually on a Sunday afternoon once a month.  You will drive them to either a host's home or a community venue for an afternoon get-together to socialise and enjoy some refreshments . The parties last around two hours after which you drive them home again.

Organisation aims and objectives

Re-engage exists to support older people who live alone and find it hard to get out in normal times. The Covid-19 crisis is particularly devastating for these people and many are feeling incredibly vulnerable, especially those with few family members or friends to talk to. In response to the crisis we’ve suspended our regular social gatherings and, with the help of our dedicated volunteers, have set up a UK-wide call companions service. Older people who are feeling alone can receive a regular friendly phone call throughout the crisis and beyond, for as long as they want it. No one should have to face this crisis alone. We won’t leave anyone behind.


Travel details: Location varies but will be within a short driving distance to guests and hosts homes.
Minimum age: 18


Support: Named Contact For Volunteer