CamGlen Radio Volunteer

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We have tonnes of roles you can get involved in!

Presenter - as it says on the tin! Present your own show to the CamGlen Community!

Broadcast Assistant - help another presenter with their show!

Journalist/News Reporter - join the News Team bring all the latest news to listeners!

Tech Team - Make all the magic happen behind the scenes!

PR and Community Engagement - Spreading the word about CamGlen Radio!

Events Team - Be part of the team behind our monthly CamGlen Presents music gigs & organise entertainment at local events!

Organisation aims and objectives

CamGlen Radio is a community-focused radio station operating in the Rutherglen and Cambuslang areas. As a community radio, its primary purpose and roles are: Community Engagement and Representation: CamGlen Radio serves as a voice for the local community, representing diverse groups and interests within Rutherglen and Cambuslang. It provides a platform for local issues, interests, and music, often featuring content that might not be covered by mainstream media. Promoting Local Talent and Culture: The station plays a significant role in promoting local artists, musicians, and cultural events. It features local music, interviews with local figures, and coverage of events, thereby supporting and nurturing local talent and cultural activities. Information and Entertainment: CamGlen offers a mix of entertainment and information. This includes music programmes, talk shows, news, and other content relevant to residents of CamGlen. Education and Training: CamGlen Radio offers opportunities for community members to learn about radio broadcasting, media production, and other related skills. Fostering Community Cohesion: By bringing together various members and groups within the community, the station fosters a sense of cohesion and collective identity. It acts as a hub where community members can share stories, experiences, and information, strengthening community bonds. Platform for Discussion and Debate: CamGlen Radio provides a space for open discussion and debate on local issues, allowing for a diverse range of opinions and perspectives to be heard. In essence, CamGlen Radio's role extends beyond just broadcasting; it acts as a facilitator for community engagement, cultural expression, and local development.










Volunteer shifts are generally in 2 hour blocks although we can flexible with individuals and offer 1 or 3 hour blocks.

Frequency and commitment details

Volunteer shifts are generally in 2 hour blocks although we can flexible with individuals and offer 1 or 3 hour blocks. This applies to expense payment frequency


No Gender Restriction, No previous skills or experience required for residents in Cambuslang and Rutherglen. Relevant media experience preferred for volunteers outwith these areas.
Experience required: Arts / Music / Drama / Crafts, Caring,Good Listener,Patient,Reliable / Dependable,Team Player,Trustworthy,
Travel details: The opportunity takes at multiple location across South Lanarkshire Across South Lanarkshire,Rutherglen
Minimum age: 16


Expenses paid: Yes
Training details: Core training consisting of inductions to Healthy n Happy and CamGlen Radio, creating radio content, peer support, understanding of OFCOM laws, audio production and editing and interviewing. Ongoing training is available.