Volunteer Befriender

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This opportunity is part of (No More Tears No More Isolation) Project, Where Linknet Mentoring targets to help adult
people from ethnic minority, immigrants, and refugees to overcome isolation, Loneliness, Lack of confidence and to
develop their English language skills.
Meeting your befriendee 1-2 hours once a week, makes a big difference in that person’s live, where they can feel at
home in Scotland and facilitate their involvement in the society and developing their skills.
In return, it is a self-rewarding opportunity, and can aid those who wants to build in their CV in social work, teaching,
psychology, etc.
It is flexible as it can be conducted online/face-to-face, and someone can accommodate it to their schedule.

Organisation aims and objectives

LINKnet Mentoring Ltd is a voluntary sector mentoring project established to help minority ethnic people living in Edinburgh and the Lothian. We aim to help people from Ethnic Minorities get into jobs, education and also with their Personal Development and integration into the society. LINKnet aims to increase representation of minority ethnic people in further and higher education, employment, public and civic life of Scottish society through a structured one to one mentoring programme which is free to join. One of the main aim of LINKnet is to enhance the quality of life of individuals by improving their personal circumstances so that they are better able and better prepared to attain their goals in the areas of education, employment and personal development. The project also hopes to achieve a collective impact on the minority ethnic community as a whole in their struggle to be better represented in all spheres of life. LINKnet's long-term ambition is to see an equitable Scottish society in which everyone can plays their part and feels part of the wider Scottish community.










1-2 hours per week

Frequency and commitment details

1-2 hours per week


Experience required: English language skills, friendly and compassionate
Travel details: various buses
Minimum age: 18


Training details: Volunteers will be offered a guidline to help them through the befriending service, In additon to that, there is a record form which will help us analyse and support volunteers.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer