Charity Trusteeships can be incredibly rewarding as well as supporting personal and professional development. Along with your fellow Trustees and the Director of the organisation, you will set the long-term strategic direction of HSGNNL and provide advice and guidance to the other Trustees and the Senior Management Team in your specialist field where applicable. The Trustees ensure that performance is monitored and managed through internal controls and delegation and approve key strategies and policies to allow the organisation to achieve its objectives.
The Board of Trustees currently meets either online or in person every 6 weeks (early evening), although this is currently being reviewed. Trustees will also be asked to support sub-groups as required. The initial appointment is for a 3-year term with the opportunity for reappointment. Role of a Trustee - General
Our trustees play a vital role in making sure that HSGNNL achieves its core purpose. Whilst all involved in the work of HSGNNL, including staff, volunteers, and trustees, have a shared vision and passion of supporting families to be the best they can be, the Trustees have responsibility for the overall management and administration of the charity. They also ensure that HSGNNL has a clear strategy and that our work and goals are in line with our vision. Just as important, they support and challenge the Senior Management Team to enable HSGNNL to grow and thrive, and through this, achieve our mission.
Trustees have a collective responsibility. This means that trustees always act as a group and not as individuals.
• Support and provide advice on HSGNNL’s purpose, vision, goals and activities.
• Provide challenge to the Director and Senior Management Team
• Approve operational strategies and policies and monitor and evaluate their implementation.
• Oversee HSGNNL’s financial plans and budgets and monitor and evaluate progress.
• Ensure the effective and efficient administration of the organisation.
• Ensure that key risks are being identified, monitored, and controlled effectively.
• Review and approve HSGNNL’s financial statements.
• Provide support and challenge to HSGNNL’s Director in the exercise of their delegated authority and affairs.
• Keep abreast of changes in HSGNNL’s operating environment.
• Contribute to regular reviews of HSGNNL’s own governance. Attend Board meetings, sub-group meetings and be adequately prepared to contribute to discussions.
• Use independent judgment, acting legally and in good faith to promote and protect HSGNNL’s interests, to the exclusion of their own personal and/or any third-party interests.
• Contribute to the broader promotion of HSGNNL’s objects, aims and reputation by applying your skills, expertise, knowledge, and contacts.

Frequency and commitment details

This applies to expense payment frequency


Experience required: Commitee Development/ Social Work
Travel details: This volunteering takes place in Glasgow and virtually
Minimum age: 18


Expenses paid: Yes
Taster available: Yes
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer