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In 2021 Hospitalfield’s Walled Garden, designed by the horticulturalist Nigel Dunnett, opened to the public. The scheme was developed to reveal the unique horticultural history of the site at Hospitalfield, which has been tended as a garden for over 800 years.

The garden and grounds at Hospitalfield are maintained, made fruitful and more beautiful with the fantastic support of our volunteers who meet regularly at Garden Club. Garden Club support the development of the garden from helping weed the gardens, sowing seeds, potting up plants and assisting with seasonal projects. Our next garden project is the development of the medicinal garden.

The site at Hospitalfield has been populated since the 13th century when the monks who ran Arbroath Abbey established their hotel or hospital, here where we believe that they must have grown a medicinal garden and brewed potions as medicines to improve the health and wellbeing of those who they cared for.

From January 2023 we are inviting a medicinal plant specialist to design the garden with Garden Club volunteers, Hospitalfield’s grounds keeping team and soon to be appointed Community Gardener. The new medicinal garden will be planted in a large area within the walled garden at Hospitalfield. As part of our upcoming Garden Club sessions we’ll be planning, preparing, and planting this new medicinal garden.

Garden Club Volunteers meet regularly from 10am to 12pm on Fridays at Hospitalfield. We’re looking for volunteers to come along and get involved in the new medicinal garden at Hospitalfield.

For full information on how to get involved and accessibility notes please see our website or contact us at

Minimum age: 18

Organisation aims and objectives

Hospital Arts operates as a charity in support of the needs of artists and to serve the purposes of education on the arts. The historic house is host to an international programme of residencies for artists, who use the studios and facilities on site to research and produce new work. The venue is home to an internationally renowned collections of art and built heritage, including a library and archive. Hospitalfield house sits within its own historic grounds which include walled garden and woodland, and offers the venue for private hire for a range of functions. Hospitalfield was established as a charitable trust in 1890 by Patrick allan - fraser, who together with his wife Elizabeth Fraser, formed hospitalfield as a creative centre for art, culture and learning during the arts historical period defined by the Arts&Crafts movement. Hospitalfield is currently engaged in an exciting programme of capital and organisational development that will better enable the organisation to serve as a contemporary voice for art and culture for Angus.


Minimum age: 18