Technical and Artisan Volunteer

  • VO94998


We appreciate and value the support given to us at RGA by volunteers. Our volunteers help and support our residents, garden, social enterprise projects and charity to grow and develop. They become part of the community, which is at the heart of River Garden.

If you have skills and an enthusiasm to support our work then please do contact us; we would love to hear from you. We have many different areas for you to consider, such as the technical and artisan supported workshops we offer to our residents, such as woodwork, metalwork, painting and decorating or any other trade that you might be experienced in.

One of our volunteer, had these thoughts to share- "Volunteering can be a very satisfying and worthwhile endeavour, particularly if you feel you can make a difference from your efforts. Never more so than at River Garden, where with woodworking and woodturning skills as part of my skillset, I found the opportunity to become part of the major project to refurbish the existing woodworking workshop and to help it grow and develop into a thriving social enterprise.

With a passion for all things wooden, I have become immersed within the current refurbishment programme as well as in the interim, teaching residents woodturning at my own workshop in Ayr. Never before have I been so rewarded and fulfilled with the results that ensued. Similarly the progression of residents’ woodturning skills over the preceding months has been amazing to watch.

I have been exceptionally fortunate to have had the opportunity to volunteer in a charity that makes a difference to people’s lives and ultimately enhance and enrich their journey of rehabilitation and recovery."