Volunteer Transport Driver

  • VO94400


Opened in 2019, the Health and Wellbeing Centre at Dumfries House provides a range of holistic services to the local community. Services are GP and patient-led, with referrals from primary and secondary care providers. Run by The Prince’s Foundation, it provides an Integrated Health and Wellbeing Programme, with the centre also open to health charities and other organisations.

The organisation is running a range of health care programmes for the community free of charge, such as Chronic Pain, Obesity and Weight Management, and Mental health courses. These are open to anyone in Ayrshire.

Although based at the wonderful Dumfries House Estate at the health and wellbeing centre, this location might also be problematic to people who would like to join but do not have the means and ways to get to the estate since there is no public transport links.
Volunteer drivers would support both us as a foundation but more importantly the participants.

Volunteer drivers transport people from their homes to Dumfries House and back to their residences, using their own vehicles. The volunteer drivers are reassured that the participants will be assessed that they are fit to get in and out of the vehicles on their own.
The different wellbeing programmes run in between 6 to 12 weeks with morning and/or afternoon sessions.
Each session lasts for 3 hours and volunteer drivers can either opt to leave and return the estate or else enjoy a walk in the grounds and a complimentary tea or coffee.

Personal Qualities:
• The ability to be supportive, non-judgemental and accepting of others.
• Warmth, sensitivity and a willingness to listen.
• Patience and understanding.
• Enjoy interacting with people.
• Willingness to get involved.
• An understanding of the importance of a regular commitment.

Organisation aims and objectives

THE PRINCE’S FOUNDATION PROVIDES HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS TO CHALLENGES FACING THE WORLD TODAY. WE CHAMPION A SUSTAINABLE APPROACH TO HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES AND BUILD OUR COMMUNITIES, WE RUN A DIVERSE PROGRAMME OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING FOR ALL AGES AND BACKGROUNDS, AND WE REGENERATE AND CARE FOR PLACES WHERE COMMUNITIES THRIVE AND THAT VISITORS ENJOY. We work nationally and internationally but at the heart of our organisation is the heritage-led regeneration of the Dumfries House estate and its wider community, where our principles and philosophies are explored and put into practice. The work of The Prince’s Foundation is inspired by The Prince of Wales’s philosophy of harmony: that by understanding the balance, the order and the relationships between ourselves and the natural world we can create a more sustainable future. For more than 40 years His Royal Highness has been at the forefront of championing sustainability. During the last decade the impact of natural resource depletion, climate change and rapid urbanisation has become evident and widely understood. The work of The Prince’s Foundation is inspired by the belief that only by taking a holistic view can we create a sustainable future to meet the needs of our world. The Prince’s Foundation was created through the merger, in 2018, of The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, The Prince’s Regeneration Trust, The Great Steward of Scotland’s Dumfries House Trust and The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.











Experience required: Able to drive.
Travel details: Expenses: All travel mileage expenses will be reimbursed in line with the current HMRC allowances of 45p per mile.


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: 45p per mile (as stated by HMRC)
Taster available: Yes
Training details: Volunteers have a designated person as a volunteer manager. and MiDAS D1 training available too.