Tea party group coordinator

  • VO94318
  • Home-based volunteering


Our tea party group coordinators are a vital part of the Re-engage team.

Tea parties provide a lifeline of friendship for our older people, and the regular, warm, friendly chats and companionship provide a vital link with the outside world from which they have become isolated. Over time, the members of the group will get to know each other well and together you will spend many hours full of fun, laughter, and stories.

As a tea party group coordinator, you will ensure older guests know when and where the next tea party will be held and who will be collecting them each month. This is an administrative role that requires planning and scheduling, you must be comfortable organising monthly events with volunteer hosts, socialising, communicating with people and resolving issues that might arise. You will need a PVG for this role. Sometimes, tea party group coordinators are also drivers or hosts for their group, but this is not a requirement of being a coordinator.

Tasks include:
Welcoming new volunteers and ensuring they have the right checks in place.
Checking ID documents for a PVG when required.

Meeting / communicating with older guests prior to them joining the group.
Reporting group activity to Re-engage via our feedback form.

Responding to any issues and queries from the volunteers and older guests in your group.

Following all guidance in your group coordinator training modules to ensure that the tea parties are enjoyable, appropriate, and in line with our charitable aim.

Reporting any safeguarding issues that may arise or have been bought to your attention.
Planning and scheduling monthly tea parties.

Contacting hosts and arrange a rota of venues for the year.

Organising the monthly event, ensuring that tea party volunteers (hosts and drivers) have all the support and information they need.

Being the main point of contact for all the volunteers and older guests in your group (an average group has a total of between four and 12 people).

Organisation aims and objectives

Contact the Elderly is the only UK charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people. We do this by organising monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups of older people (aged 75+) who live alone, and volunteers within their local community, offering a regular and vital friendship link every month. Each older person is collected from their home by a volunteer driver and taken to a volunteer host’s home for afternoon tea. The group is warmly welcomed by a different host each month, but the drivers remain the same which means that over the months and years, acquaintances turn into friends and loneliness is replaced by companionship. Our tea parties are a real lifeline of friendship for our older guests who have little or no contact with family or friends. They bring people of all ages together, develop fulfilling friendships and support networks, and give everyone involved something to look forward to each month.


Travel details: Homebased
Minimum age: 18