Volunteer Co-Ordinator

  • VO93869
  • Home-based volunteering


We are Citizens of Cyber, our mission is to bring together cyber-specialists and connect individuals and professional bodies, to support and assist in cyber-education and the development of safer online practices, aimed at people of all ages and knowledge levels.

We wish to use our professional network to keep up to date with the activities of hackers and online scammers and produce resources for use by schools, groups, and individuals, whether online, offline, or through face-to-face sessions.

We want cyber-users to know how to protect themselves and others online, whilst being confident and making the best of their online interactions, and still remain within the confines of the law while doing so. In addition, we aim to ensure that support is available for anyone affected by negative interactions online and to help anyone who finds themselves in cyber-related difficulties.

Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do and it is important for us to ensure we provide the best working environment possible. Volunteers work remotely during hours they set, our team focuses on ensuring clear deliverables are identified and agreed to allow volunteers to manage their own time.

Meetings with the whole team will be held regularly to make sure everyone knows each other and work together.

Duties and Responsibilities would be, and not restricted to the following:

  • To establish volunteering requirements of Citizens of Cyber, in discussions with CEO;
  • To create, in conjunction with CEO, volunteer role descriptions;
  • To recruit volunteers into agreed roles, in conjunction with CEO;
  • To ensure PVG clearance for potential volunteers;
  • To run volunteers’ meetings, to gather views, to deliver generic training and to agree activities;
  • To create, in conjunction with CEO, a risk assessment for each volunteer role;
  • To create and deliver 1:1 induction, start-up training and ongoing training and refreshers to individual volunteers, incorporating CEO and/or others at need;
  • To deliver public sessions as one of the volunteers;
  • To meet for 1:1 sessions with CEO, to ensure ongoing fitness for role and smooth delivery of role, with SMART targets set as appropriate;
  • To manage volunteers and assist them with resources required for a successful completion of projects/tasks;
  • To ensure the resolution of potential conflicts and come to agreement
  • To deliver and finalise website contents, in agreement with CEO and volunteers;
  • To maintain and administer the website;
  • To generate and revise webpages; and
  • To propose ideas on strategy improvement, content and training delivery.
  • You will be speaking/teaching/ working with young children and vulnerable adults as a volunteer of citizens of cyber.

Organisation aims and objectives

Citizens of Cyber was founded by dedicated Cyber Security lecturers with decades of experience within the Digital and Cyber Security Sector. The primary goal for Citizens of Cyber is to provide links across the cyber community and to engage with everyone, including children, parents, vulnerable adults and professionals, to help keep everyone safe online. The charity is continually working towards ensuring knowledge, resources and education are available to everyone.











Experience required: If interested in the role(s), please proceed to the charity website https://www.citizensofcyber.org.uk/vacancies and click on "Apply Now" at the top of the page. This will take you to the application form. Once filled in, a member of team will be in touch shortly. Thanks!
Minimum age: 18