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We know representation matters, which is why we want our volunteers to reflect the diversity of the community groups we work with. We are actively encouraging applicants from ethnically diverse backgrounds and other minoritised groups to apply as we are currently under-represented in this space.

-Who is Sported?
We are the UK’s largest network of community groups supporting half a million young people to overcome barriers to reach their full potential. Sported members are led by an incredible group of passionate and dedicated people who do amazing work in their communities, transforming the lives of young people in neighbourhoods across the UK. Where they often lack support or the time is around their organisation’s development and it’s here where you can make a difference.

-What will I get out of it?
You will get to meet the inspirational faces of community groups across the UK and immerse yourself in their work; use your existing skills in a rewarding fashion whilst developing new ones; guide members to become more inclusive; network with other like-minded individuals helping grassroots sports groups survive; and so much more. Our volunteers say that making a positive difference to our members is what they most enjoy about volunteering at Sported.

-What will I do as a Sported volunteer?
You'll use your professional skills and lived experience to help groups overcome operational challenges, become better equipped for the future, and tackle inequality in sport.
Most of our roles are quite flexible and work around your schedule. We do our best to only share opportunities we think are relevant to you. With most of our volunteering support being delivered digitally, it’s even easier to get started supporting members across our network. Travel expenses in line with our policy are covered in the instances in-person meetings occur.

-Our roles include:

• Short-term placements - Focused on one topic area or specific challenge, placements usually last about 6 sessions.
• Long-term placements – Placements span a series of months and encompass multiple topics, or a single complex subject.
• One-off support – Kickstarts are semi-structured, informal chats to learn more about a group’s strengths and challenges, and recommend a course of action.
• Specific project work, facilitating/delivering webinars and training, or supporting Sported itself plus much more!

-Hear more from our volunteers:
“I like volunteering because It’s my way of contributing to community development. Sported makes it very easy for me to connect with incredibly interesting and hugely committed individuals who work above and beyond to make a difference in their community – wow!”
“If you’re thinking of volunteering for some charity work – whether you’re into sporting activities or not – then I would suggest you contact Sported and you’ll be amazed at what a difference you’ll make.”
“The best part is working with organisations that make a difference to people’s lives.”

For more information please contact us at: , telephone.: 07557 374886 or visit:

Organisation aims and objectives

Sported supports over 3,000 amazing community groups that use the power of sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people.

Frequency and commitment details

Flexible times available. All help is greatly appreciated.


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: Travel expenses in line with our policy are covered in the instances in-person meetings occur.
Training details: Excellent training and support is provided to all volunteers.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer,
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