Group Coordinator

  • VO93536


This role may vary depending on local needs, but is likely to include:
 Coordinating the activities of our local group to meet the needs of the
local MS community
 Coordinating the recruitment, induction and ongoing support of new
local group volunteers
 Leading the group’s shared responsibility for planning and reporting
expenditure and income
 Approving income and expenditure with the other group bank account
signatories and ensuring with the Finance Volunteer, that our financial
requirements and policies relating to groups are followed
 Ensuring the group’s activities comply with policies in order to keep
people safe
 Regularly communicating and acting as a key contact between staff
and volunteers
 Ensuring disclosure checks are completed and witnessed for volunteer
roles that need them
 Leading the group's responsibility for designing and delivering services
and activities in line with our principles of quality service delivery so
that they are safe, effective and impactful

Organisation aims and objectives

Our vision: A world free from the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis. Our mission: To enable veryone affected by MS to live life to their full potential and secure the care and support they need, until we ultimately find a cure. We rely on fundraising and the efforts of our volunteers and staff to achieve our aims: - To fund and promote the best possible research into MS cause, cure and care. - To be the recognised source of consistent, high quality support and information to all people affected by MS, throughout the UK. - To raise standards of MS care by working in partnership with professionals, promoting equitable access to high quality services based on the needs of the individual. - To be the authoritative voice on MS and to promote the independence, dignity and self-determination of people affected by MS. - To work with people affected by MS to help them to retain control of their lives and to be fully involved in everything we do.










Frequency and commitment details

2hours a week


Experience required: Befriending/ mentoring Event management/organising


Support: Named Contact For Volunteer