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Strathclyde 4×4 Response assists numerous organisations during times of difficult driving conditions from delivering meals on wheels to vulnerable people, and helping community nurses visit their patients.
We are the West of Scotland Team of the 4x4 Response Network. We provide experienced volunteer off road drivers to assist the emergency and public services in times of need. The severe winter conditions seen in 2009/2010 and again in 2010/2011 have seen many teams active.
We rely on fundraising to operate our services and we need a volunteer to take care the fundraising side of our operations.

Volunteer Fundraisers can:

  • Raise funds for our cause and regularly meet or surpass fundraising targets
  • Research and develop fundraising opportunities, including single events and detailed campaigns
  • Contact and build relationships with prospective donors
  • Set financial targets for fundraising activities, and create strategies for reaching them
  • Collaborate with senior leadership and prioritize departmental activities to meet organisational goals
  • Research potential donors to gain insight into needs, beliefs and donation habits to understand how to position our organization to them
  • Assist in brainstorming and creating new methods to raise funds for our organization
  • Use technology and social media where possible to improve fundraising activities
  • Assist in planning and coordinating events meant to raise funds and coordinate activities of volunteers related to event planning and execution
  • Create marketing materials, like flyers and brochures, to be used for the promotion of events and other fundraising pushes
  • Analyze the performance of events and other fundraising activities for effectiveness and to identify areas where money can be saved
  • Maintain complete and orderly records of donors and manage regular donor communications
  • Build upon existing donor relationships and form new donor relationships on a regular basis
  • Collaborate with other organizations and groups within the community to build partnerships and enhance fundraising activities

Organisation aims and objectives

Strathclyde 4×4 Response was established in early 2011 following the severe winter weather making it difficult for many vital services to function. We aim to be able to assist numerous organisations during times of difficult driving conditions from delivering meals on wheels to vulnerable people, and helping community nurses visit their patients. Our first year of operation was one of establishing ourselves and training our members. We run courses on First Aid, Off Road Driving, Amateur Radio, and Map Reading skills, and we run practical exercises to put these skills to the test. We have the backing of the National 4×4 Response network and support from Tunnocks and we now have an working agreement in place with Police Scotland and the West of Scotland Regional Resilience Partnership. This means that we are recognised as an available resource for the Emergency Services and all other partners (Category 1, Category 2 and voluntary) of the RRP. We also have agreements in place with other organisations, e.g. Red Cross, Ardgowan Hospice in Greenock.


Training details: The Group meets on the second Wednesday of every month at a venue based along the M8 corridor in the Glasgow. Training Evenings allow the Group to meet up and chat, and for us to go over any training topics as required. Sometimes the Training Evening will be used as one of the practical assessments eg Navigation Exercise or Call Out Exercise. Training Events such Amateur Radio or First Aid training usually take place at the weekends, and plenty of notice is given to allow Responders to sign up to these courses.

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