Berwickshire Swap Volunteer

  • VO92691


Help fight poverty and create a circular economy in your own community.

Role Description :

Berwickshire Swap are looking for volunteers for a number of roles;
The first, is to assist with the laundering of and packing of emergency packages. Clothes for our emergency packages are donated to us in used conditions so need laundered. Volunteers would be provided with soap powder, and asked to wash, dry, iron and pack the packages. The volunteers would either drop the packages off or they would be collected.

BS holds events. At these events we need people with moving our donations from their location to an event. Then setting up the event, sorting and putting out the clothes, toys and items. We then need people to sort clothing coming in. At the end of an event we need people to help pack up and move the items back to storage.
BS also needs people between swaps to help with sorting donations. These events are currently held in Reston Village hall.

Organisation aims and objectives

Berwickshire Swap aims to help fight poverty in our area by taking in donations of children’s clothes, toys and items. We then hold swaps around the area where people can come, pay a small fee and take what they need. Berwickshire Swap also provides emergency packages to identified children from the donations we receive. These parcels are washed, dried, ironed then packed before being handed to the children. Berwickshire Swap aims to create a circular economy by reducing the amount of items going to waste, and ultimately landfill. By taking in donations and holding swaps we keep perfectly good children’s items in our local communities.


Experience required: We ask that volunteers consider what they are physically able to help with. The setting up, taking down and moving of items can be quiet physical . We hope that we would have a position for anyone who wishes to be part of BS. We also ask that volunteers have a keen interest in BS.
Travel details: Berwickshire, and soon possibly surrounding areas. Scottish Borders.
Minimum age: 18


Taster available: Yes