Girl Guiding Volunteers

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Girls in Brownies have incredible experiences together, make brilliant friends and discover the world around them. Every time they meet up, groups of Brownies learn new skills and take on challenges as they work out what they want to be and do in the future.

We are looking for volunteers to help us set up a Brownie unit in Crosshill. We already run the Guides and the Rangers units yet there is already a demand for a Brownie Unit. This opportunity is ideal for someone who is training to work in teaching or childcare, and would like to gain experience.

There's no doubt that volunteering at Girlguiding will enhance your CV. Here are some of the valuable skills you could gain as part of our charity.

Teamwork – whether you're planning meetings with your fellow volunteers, or collaborating on a community project, guiding offers numerous chances to work effectively as a team.

Leadership – developing leadership skills is integral to many of our volunteering roles, especially those responsible for coordinating local guiding.

Organisation – planning a event or simply a weekly meeting - it all counts.

Motivation. Gaining any experience in Girlguiding shows that you are reliable, dedicated and can work independently.

Communication – if you’re making contact with parents, Commissioners, young members, external contacts – anyone – then you’re demonstrating excellent communication skills.

That’s not to mention the more specific skills that different roles within guiding can give you. Whoever you want to be, guiding can support you to achieve your full potential.

Guiding can enhance your experience and help you build a host of highly transferable skills. It's all about...

Fun – Guiding can give you the space to let off steam when work mounts up – whether that's through once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or just the mess and mayhem of weekly unit meetings.

Friendship – guiding can offer you a support network. Many of our volunteers make life-long friends through guiding.

Flexibility – volunteers can be involved in guiding plan their unit meetings on a termly basis – meaning you don't need to worry about guiding getting in the way of your schedule.

Future – volunteering at Girlguiding offers a highly enjoyable way of enhancing your employability outside of ordinary work experience.


Experience required: No specific experience is required but if you have previously worked with young people that would be helpful.
Minimum age: 18