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BCT operates a National Bat Helpline to provide almost 15 000 enquirers a year with easily accessible and accurate information, including getting injured bats to the care they need. The Helpline’s role in advising and supporting people who come into contact with bats is an important part of BCT’s work towards our vision of a world rich in wildlife where bats and people thrive together.

We need your help to provide an excellent service that benefits bat conservation. We are now recruiting volunteers to the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline (VBCH), in which volunteers will answer the bat care calls we receive.

You do not need to have prior experience in conservation to volunteer, as full training and support is provided. Anyone who is interested in helping bats is welcome to apply! Volunteering for the Helpline is a great way to get involved in conservation from the comfort of your home, and we consistently receive feedback from volunteers that it is a very rewarding experience.
As a volunteer on the VBCH, you will answer calls from members of the public who have found grounded, injured or lost bats. You will provide advice on a range of situations and put bat finders in touch with local bat care volunteers where possible.

We are looking for volunteers who are:

Comfortable with using IT/the internet
Have good record-keeping skills
Are willing to speak to members of the public about bats and the work of BCT
Willing to spend additional time reading training materials, as ther

Closing date for applications is Thursday the 25th of August.

Volunteers will be ready to start bat watches on Monday the 12th of September. Volunteers will be ready to start bat watches on Monday the 12th of September. We hope volunteers will sign up to Bat Watches until May 2023 and there is always the option to continue volunteering after May.

Organisation aims and objectives

There is a diverse range of work carried out - both on the ground and behind the scenes - to help secure the future of bats in our changing world. The Bat Conservation Trust supports local bat groups across the UK and over 6000 members. We work with volunteers, scientists, industry and government both locally and nationally on a range of projects. To achieve our vision of a world rich in wildlife where bats and people thrive together, our work focuses on discovering more about bats and how they use the landscape, taking action to protect bats and enhance the landscapes on which they rely, inspiring people about bats and their environment, engaging them in their conservation and strengthen our work by building skills, resources, motivation and understanding.










Frequency and commitment details

3 Bat Watches per month


Experience required: All you need is: A computer/laptop with internet access A headset to use with your computer, as phone calls will be received using an internet app on your device A phone with reliable reception for contacting support staff where needed
Travel details: from home
Minimum age: 18


Training details: Volunteers must attend one online training days on either: Thursday 1st September Wednesday 7th September Training days will run between 10:00am and 3:00pm with breaks. We will also be running a technology support session on Friday 9th September.

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