Garden Volunteer

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EGP will support you to access a local garden to grow your own produce; develop a rewarding relationship with your garden partner through regular visits to the shared garden; make a positive contribution to your community; boost your health and well-being through exercise outdoors; share your interest in growing and gardening with a dynamic community of garden volunteers across Edinburgh; enjoy freshly grown produce with your garden partner.

Organisation aims and objectives

We are an Edinburgh based charity matching people who want to garden with people who have space to share. We focus on those who need the most help, often older or disabled individuals or carers who are struggling to manage their outside space. Garden partnerships can help vulnerable people remain independent in their own home and reduce social isolation while at the same time garden volunteers benefit from access to gardening, food growing and joining a thriving community of growers across the city.










We encourage volunteers to commit for a minimum of one full growing season. There is no set weekly time commitment. The hours are flexible and agreed with your garden partner to allow for changes in the seasons and the weather.


Experience required: This role is best suited to individuals who demonstrate good listening and communication skills; are patient and considerate; have a non judgmental and respectful approach; understand the importance of confidentiality and ow to maintain healthy boundaries; are responsible, and show initiative.
Travel details: We work with garden volunteers and garden owners across all of Edinburgh. We want to ensure that we find the right match for you, and therefore cannot guarantee that all volunteers will immediately be matched with a garden owner. The length of matching process can therefore vary, but we do of course try to match all our garden partners as quickly as possible.
Minimum age: 18


Expenses details: No expenses
Training details: We will usually have an informal chat with any potential volunteer to provide them with more information about the role and the organisation. This also gives them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. If they would like to proceed, we will then ask them to fill out our application form. Once this has been completed, we will invite the volunteer to an induction training. Once the recruitment process is completed we start looking for a garden partner match. Throughout their time with EGP the volunteer will be supported by the Volunteering Development Coordinator, and have the opportunity to engage with other members of EGP through trainings, workshops and social events.
Support: Wheelchair Access/Disabled Access Toilet