Community Grower

  • VO91702


Come and join our work party which is building the foundation of a Community Supported Agriculture project for Brechin. Help the core farm team grow, harvest and distribute food, facilitate educational projects and host community events.
More specifically, the role of the volunteers could be anything from producing social media posts to digging, weeding and planting to building a tool shed or propagation bench to constructing rain water harvesting system. We would aim to hear what you wish to do and accommodate that desire within the work of the team.
Together we create delicious, nutritious food, magical hands-on experiences and enrich the local wildlife and soil.

Organisation aims and objectives

The Food Life raises awareness of the value of real food, provides information and opportunities to connect with others across the food system and works to build infrastructure such as this website and food hubs, education and support to the rural economy based around Angus agriculture. The Food Life supports creating more quality jobs in processing, production, distribution and marketing of Angus sustainably grown crops. We collaborate to "connect the dots” of the many exciting projects and substantial resources focused on local food in Angus. Most food we eat in Angus originates outside our area, yet we have some of the nation's best farmland. Our small towns are losing quality jobs to the cities, yet it is rural Angus that can feed the people in our cities. Notably Dundee. The Food Life is a non-profit Community Benefit Society created to strengthen the ties between Angus farming and food businesses and community economic vitality with an emphasis on rural and semi-rural Angus.


Travel details: Happy to give lifts from Brechin.
Minimum age: 15