Befrienders Fundraising Volunteer

  • VO98245


Role Description
▪ Attending invited events, for example community/social group meetings, schools, and
cheque presentations to give presentations/talk about the work of Befrienders Highland
and the difference we are making, to inspire people to support us through fundraising, or
to thank supporters for the fundraising they have completed.
▪ Representing the charity in a professional manner.
▪ Making conversation with members of the public as appropriate and answering
questions about the charity.
▪ Promoting and facilitating planned fundraising initiatives and activities.
▪ Working with local businesses and recreational facilities to promote fundraising
opportunities and procure raffle prizes.
▪ Liaising with the Coordinators and Fundraising Coordinator from Befrienders Highland.
▪ Support social media and website posting, through provision of photographs, stories,
and giving notice of upcoming events/talks.
Dress Code
• Casual but professional attire
• Volunteer ID badge
Skills, experience and qualities
• Personable, enthusiastic and approachable
• Initiative
• Confident in public speaking
• Experience of organising or attending fundraising events
The benefits to you
• Experience working with a charitable organisation
• A sense of satisfaction and pride for helping to make a valuable difference
• Develop your skills
• References for future employers
• Meet new people
What you can expect from Befrienders Highland
• An induction session to introduce you to the charity, recognise your skills and identify
any ongoing support you may need from us to fulfil the role
• A designated point of contact for support and guidance, when needed
• Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, for example, travelling to and from the
fundraising venue, small value prizes for quiz nights
• Provision of some promotional material for events (e.g. banners, contents for goody
• Wee Blether Newsletter
Time commitment
This is a flexible role to suit your availability, and as such there is no minimum time commitment.
Fundraising Volunteers will be contacted as appropriate and offered the opportunity to attend
events to which we are invited, or may choose to run events themselves to fundraise for the
Recruitment Process
Complete our simple application form to express your interest in the role. We’ll arrange an
informal meeting to discuss your application and the role, before obtaining references. Following
this, we’ll invite you to a short induction meeting.

Organisation aims and objectives

Befrienders Highland is a voluntary organisation and charity that provides free one-to-one befriending service for people across the Highlands who live with mental ill health or dementia, or who care for someone living with dementia, and feel lonely and isolated either geographically or socially. Our trained volunteers offer confidential, regular social contact from which genuine friendships develop, improving the lives of our friends right across the Highlands. Befrienders Highland has been providing a valuable service since 1993. We now offer a face-to-face befriending service in Inverness and Nairn, as well as distance befriending service across the Highlands by phone, letter and email.










It will be times to suit you and link in with our events

Frequency and commitment details

It will be times to suit you and link in with our events


Travel details: Reimbursement for travel by car or bus
Minimum age: 18


Expenses paid: Yes
Taster available: Yes